Autumn Tiny House | Family & Adult Workshop | Ages 8 and up

Create a tiny house made from Ditto oven-bake clay. Battery-operated tea light included.

  • For ages 6 and up (children ages 6-12 must be joined by an adult participant who is also registered in the workshop)
  • Recommended minimum building time: 2–3 hours

$15.00 – $120.00

# of stations: 1 workstation (1 person)

  • 1 workstation (1 person)
  • 1 workstation (2 people)
  • 2 workstations (2 people)
  • 2 workstations (3 people)
  • 2 workstations (4 people)
  • 3 workstations (3 people)
  • 3 workstations (4 people)
  • 3 workstations (5 people)
  • 3 workstations (6 people)

Class length: 1 hour

  • 1 hour
  • 1.5 hours
  • 2 hours
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Theresa, our Project leader, and I love fall! Together we created this beautiful tiny house tealight! Made from Ditto oven-bake clay & tools. This is an adult and family workshop for ages 6+. We hope you will come to celebrate Autumn with us this Fall in our beautiful, warm & cozy studio and Experience the joy of artists working together to create one of the most beautiful little tealight lanterns you ever did
Joey 💛

PS: This project will also be available as an art kit on and in your local studio in August!

Materials Ditto Oven-Bake Clay, 16 oz glass jar, battery-operated tealight
Techniques and Skills
You Will Learn
hand building
Approx. Size 6in height ×3.25in width
Ages 6 and up (children ages 6-12 must be joined by an adult participant who is also registered in the workshop)
Recommended Minimum Booking Times building time: 2-3 hours
See Workshops FAQs

$15 per hour/visit/station

  • Each participant sculpts one house sculpture around a 16oz glass jar.
  • Bring a friend for an extra $5 (per hour)! You can have up to 2 people per station if you are in the same bubble.
  • We recommend at least 1.5 hours for this portion.
  • If you need more time to complete your tiny house, you can book another workshop time.
  • If you go over your pre-booked time, you will be charged for another full hour. No exceptions. If you are late, your start time will be taken as the time you booked.

Sometimes things happen …

  • We use Ditto Polymer Clay, which is an incredibly malleable oven-bake clay that comes in many colours
  • Oven baking hardens the creations, making them durable and long-lasting
  • Sometimes however, if not handled well, oven-bake polymer clay can break, pieces can fall off. It is not a toy even though it can look like it! If handled roughly it will break.
  • Sometimes art takes more time than you may think, we time things as well as we can
  • Sometimes instructors get ill, and we need to run with less staff than planned
  • Sometimes it takes a while to find the information from a gift card from many years ago
  • A child will cry, be loud or not listen. They do that. They are all good. Parents are trying their best :)
  • You will need to follow the sizing
  • If you don’t write your first and last name and the date clearly on your piece, expect for it to get lost or mistakenly picked up by another with the same name
  • Sometimes we have to throw out art if it is not picked up within 2 weeks
  • Sometimes it may take a minute or two to find your art piece
  • Sometimes there are mixups
  • We are not Walmart with unlimited resources, art supply costs are really high, rent is high, shipping is high, overhead is high, we may be able to offer a credit in some cases like unfixable breakage, but if you miss your workshop or call 10 mins before to cancel, the space was still set aside for you and we cannot offer a refund or credit.
  • If you are late, yes, it will feel like there was not enough time.
  • We cannot answer the phone and it is not financially feasible to have an admin person. We have the phone for emergencies. Please use the chat on our website. We check this as often as possible. Please don’t send a chat and an email. We promise we will get back to you.
  • Please don’t call/chat/email to see if your art is ready for pick up—it is all in the art status page on the website—we promise! We really need to be present for the guests in the studio.
  • You will absolutely need to wear a mask when not at your station or when purchasing kits or supplies in the studio. Let’s all stay healthy.

We use professional materials and art supplies which means paint may stain clothing, shoes, and jackets. Wet paint may be lurking around any corner. We do not have aprons or smocks to borrow at the studio. Please note, even if you are not doing a painting workshop, you may still get paint on you.

The studio is not responsible for damage to clothing or personal belongings. Please leave the ball gowns and tuxedos at home.

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